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Choosing the right pillow to help you get a better sleep.

Choosing the right pillow to help you get a better sleep.

Mar 20, 2023


alia adilah

A good pillow is just as crucial as a comfortable and supportive mattress for getting a good night’s sleep, and while we rarely give much thought to the pillows that we use, buying the right one could be one of the most important factors to achieve a restful night’s sleep, especially for a growing child. Besides providing comfort, the right pillow should ideally offer the necessary support for your neck and entire body, especially the spine. Sleeping on the right pillow can alleviate or prevent many common forms of neck and back pain. With that in mind, here are some basic notes to consider the next time you go pillow shopping.

Sleeping Position

Since pillows come in a variety of shapes and feeling, the key to buying a good pillow is knowing your sleeping style. Side sleepers need to pay special attention to the height of their pillows. It is recommended for side sleepers to choose a medium to high thickness, firmer pillow to keep the neck aligned with your spine while you rest on your side. You can also try putting a pillow between your knees to align your upper hip and pelvis with your lower back. Body pillows, also known as bolsters have a great shape to compliment side sleepers and are an excellent choice to hug and rest your leg! 

Back sleepers, meanwhile, are recommended a lower or thinner pillows so their head is not thrown too far forward which may cause strain to the body, especially with long hours in the position.

Pillow Stuffing Options

In general, synthetic pillows are among the most affordable. Despite being lightweight and easy to care for, however, synthetic pillows are made from chemicals which may off-gas its toxicity, especially with night after night’s usage and our close contact with the product makes our wellness is a concern. It also comes with a short lifespan and will wear out quickly. 

Down or feather pillows, according to experts, are the best for a good night’s sleep. While they are easy to shape before bedtime, they do not offer much support or height, throughout the night, the pillow turns into a flattened pancake from the weight of your head, causing a downward bend in your neck. Feather pillows are especially not recommended for side sleepers or people with allergies. Feather pillow are also known to have ethical concerns, a significant portion of the industry collects the material by holding down the bird by the neck and having their feathers torn out. This process often results in the bird’s skin being torn.

Memory foam pillows, on the other hand, are popular as they mould and adjust to the shape of your body. However, that these pillows are also made of synthetic materials and are very likely to off-gas unpleasant chemical odour. 

100% Natural Latex pillows, meanwhile, boast some of the highest satisfaction ratings. Known as the most supportive pillow, they are long lasting, provides excellent ventilation, anti-dust mite and will not lose its shape throughout the night. In addition, they are derived from natural sources and is environmentally friendly, clean and safe. The flexibility of 100% Natural Latex also proves it to be highly supportive and comfortable for back and neck alignment as they are elastic and can contour for proper support.

Shopping for the Perfect Pillow

Bear in mind that a more expensive pillow doesn’t automatically make it a better pillow or the right one for you. What matters more than the cost is how the pillow feels to you, and most of the time, you can find something that works well without having to spend an exorbitant fee. It is also important that you replace your pillows every year as hair and body oils soak into the pillows after a year’s use, making them a breeding ground for bacteria. Washing your pillows once every three months will keep them free from debris and dust, as will covering them with pillow protectors, which can double the pillows’ lifespan.

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