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Sharing Your Sleep Oasis

Sharing Your Sleep Oasis

Mar 15, 2023


alia adilah

Sometimes good sleep is the essential ingredient in a couple’s recipe for happiness.

Everybody knows it’s not easy to get a good night’s sleep when the stars are not aligned, or rather, when all the basic necessities of sleep are not attended to. These include understanding the sleep cycle, picking the right type of mattress and even putting away your electronic devices some time before hitting the sack. And in case you’re partnered, add balancing differing sleeping needs to the list as well.

Dire Findings

According to a survey carried out by the National Sleep Foundation in America, couples spend nearly one-third of their lives sleeping together, which is also the amount of time a single person sleeps in their lifetime. However, finding a common ground to sleep on proves to be much more difficult for twosomes, oftentimes due to conflicting needs. Although some of the causes of sleep deficiency among couples occur due to deeper issues (case in point: marital dissatisfaction), most of the reasons tend to be mild, such as snoring and mattress preferences.

First Step

In all of the situations, the best way to try to solve any sleeping problem a couple faces is through honest communication. There are many solutions available for anyone losing sleep but for a pair, the half facing the problem must vocalise it to the other, so that they could team up to catch the best of forty winks together.

Short-Term Solutions

When attempting to fix the situation, first identify what bothers you the most about sleeping with your bed partner. More often than not, auditory disturbances tend to be the culprit, be it the alarm clock or the snoring of your significant other. Block out most sounds with earplugs and advise your bed buddy to keep the alarm inside the pillow to not wake you up as well. As for snoring, a trip to the doctor would fix that.

Light is also equally as disturbing for some as it blocks the necessary body functions that lead to gaining the deep sleep. Easy fixes for that include eye covers and book lights.

However, it is undeniable that the mattress plays one of the most important roles to being well-rested and when it involves two people it is crucial to shop for one that both can agree on. Advancements in mattress technology now allows you to customise a mattress to both of your liking or just changing up your section of the mattress, by adding pads to further dampen any movement of your partner.

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